Aboriginal Artefacts Project -Natural History Illustration

Aboriginal Artefacts, Newcastle. Illustrations & lithicposter by Emma Heath, 2017.

This work is conducted in memory and respectfully honours the First Australian People, the Aboriginal People of this land.

Emma Heath is on the Deeptime Team and undertook a UON Natural History Illustration project in the GLAMx Lab to illustrate hundreds of artefacts from the former Palais site in Newcastle West. Emma sketched each artefact from 3 different aspects to capture the very fine detail. The poster above was created by Emma showing some of the artefacts and individual sketches will be uploaded to Livinghistories@uon digital platform early 2018. We congratulate Emma on her work and thank her for being part of the DeepTime team.  Also see  “Virtual Digging.” By Scott Bevan. Newcastle Herald Weekender, [PDF Version] 18 November 2017 pp. 4-6

A Sketch of Aboriginal Core artefact, Illustrated by Emma Heath 2017.
Emma Heath, Natural History Illustrator at GLAMx Lab 2017

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