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Mr Gionni Di Gravio OAM (Chair)
University Archivist
Special Collections
Auchmuty Library
Academic Division

Phone: +61 2 4921 5819

Dr Ann Hardy (Executive Officer)
Historian, GLAMx Living Histories WIL Projects Co-ordinator
GLAMx, Special Collections
Auchmuty Library
Academic Division

Phone: +61 2 4985 4594
M: +61 (0) 04 3850 9139

Mr Kieran Sturt
Social Media Coordinator (Volunteer)
GLAMx, Special Collections
Auchmuty Library
Academic Division

Phillip Lloyd, Michael Sheriff & GLAMx AV Team
AV Digitisation Officers (Volunteer)
GLAMx Lab, Special Collections
Auchmuty Library
Academic Division


Community Representatives

Our Patron
Emeritus Professor Maree Gleeson OAM

Ron Barber
(Fort Scratchley Historical Society)
Kerrie Brauer (Awabakal Tradition Owners Aboriginal Corporation (ATOAC))
Jude Conway (Post Graduate Student History)
David H. Dial OAM (Military Historian)
Dr Ian Eckford
(Post Graduate Student History)
Susan Effenberger
(UON Post Graduate Student)
Emeritus Professor John Fryer
(School of Civil, Surveying and Environmental Engineering) Ph: +61 2 492 16049. Email:
Lesley Gent, OAM (Paterson Historical Society)
Bill Hanley (Community)
Jane Ison (Community Researcher) Email:
Rebecca Johnston (Newcastle Port Corporation)
Chaz Keys (Community)
Bronwyn Law
(Newcastle Business)
Peter Leven (Awabakal Descendants Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation)  Email:
Doug Lithgow (Parks & Playgrounds Movement Inc) Ph: (02) 49431781 Email:
Robert McLardy (Community Representative and IT Expert) Email:
Suzanne Martin (Community Historian)
Marilla North (Author & Historian)
Keith Parsons (Hunter Regional Committee of the National Trust) Email:
Fr Brian Roach (Historian) Email:
Bill Robertson (Post Graduate Student Sociology)
Don Seton-Wilkinson (Post Graduate Student History) Wyndham Family Historian
Peter Sherlock (Newcastle Industrial Heritage Association Representative, Former Director, Monteath & Powys Pty Ltd Consulting Surveyors & Planners) Email:
Ken & Maree Shilling (Family Historians)
Julianne Tilse (Casual Academic, Natural History Illustration, School of Drama Fine Art and Music) Email:
Dr Brian Walsh (Consultant Historian) Member of the Professional Historians Association of Australia
Robert Watson (Community Historian)

In Memoriam

Russell Rigby (Geologist, Mining Historian) Email:

6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Have been trying to contact David Dial about a Dead Mans Penny I have belonging to DCM Matthew Gray Service number 77 Unit 34th Australian Infantry Battalion ,Date of death 12 October 1917 Belgium , a Greta coal miner, David may be interested in this. Thank you. Peter Thorpe 0429033449

    1. Hi Peter,

      I am the honorary curator of Greta Historical Museum and was interested to read about the Dead Man’s Penny that you have that once belonged to a Greta coal miner, Matthew Gray. I am presently researching the Greta community members that went off to war and so I just want to say that if you ever feel the need to donate the penny to the Greta Museum it would be happily accepted.

      With kind regards,
      Neridah Kentwell
      (Mobile:0427657150, Email:, Museum open Wednesdays and Saturdays 11am-3pm.)

  2. I would like to thank you for the article in the Hunter Remembers dated 12/2/19 titled Kurri Kurri and about my Great Grand Father Sapper R (Pinky) Scott’s return from the war. I had very little knowledge of him before I read your article and from this I was able to access the War Memorials records of his service. He fought in the Boar War as an Englishman before coming to Australia and then enlisting in the 2nd Tunnelling company. We didn’t know he lost a brother in the war as well. I thank you for this article.

  3. Dear HLS,

    friend has a an image of a painting of the sinking of the S.S. Cawarra in 1866. The painters name is obscured in the right-hand corner. Appears to be W.H. Fer………

    I thought it might be W.H. Ferry, but cannot track down any reference online of either the image or the painter.

    Would someone at your agency know who the artist is ?


    Greg Bond
    5 Binda Crescent
    LITTLE BAY 2036
    0418 628 730

  4. I Have recently became a volunteer at our own Fort Scatchley .In doing research with some of the older volunteers and written Knowledge i have only scratched the surface of the History and Stories. Most novocastrians don’t know about and have never visited the Fort ,or know of the Time Ball and the Time Cannon .Or it was the only Fort in Australia ever to fire in Anger ( happened 2Nd W.W. ) even though we are in Cov 19 you can still visit of a Sunday .It would be Fantastic if Hunter Living History could Pick the Experienced Volunteers Memory and Bring to Life and to the Public OUR Little Known Icon

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