3D Virtual Hunter Project – Newcastle in 1818 and 1830

Here are two of the latest fly throughs of Newcastle as it looked in 1818 and 1830 respectively.

Both created by 3D artist Charles Martin in December 2013 and January 2014 as part of his work on the 3D Virtual Newcastle Time Machine. This work was made possible by the kind generosity of the Vera Deacon Regional History Fund.

This project has recently been expanded to include the entire Hunter Region, and renamed the 3D Virtual Hunter Project.

We are currently seeking partners and benefactors to make this dream a reality.

For further information on how this project has evolved please see:

3D Virtual Newcastle – What Charles and Vera Achieved in 34 days of 2013

Next Stage of 3D Virtual 1820 Newcastle Set To Proceed

Virtual Newcastle circa 1800 -1830 AD

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  1. Amazing! Now y’all just need a way to think of a way to tie 1825 Newcastle into a grand conspiracy involving warrior monks and crusader illuminati, add a few haystacks, some gratuitous violence, and we’ll have ourselves a bestselling video game!

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