What’s in the Pender Archive?

M5031-6: Residence "Belltrees" for Messrs M. E. A. and V. White No. 5 (28/9/1906)


The Pender Archive represents the surviving work of three generations of Pender Family architects, based in Maitland, New South Wales (Australia) and is one of the largest and most comprehensive architectural collections in the country.

M5048-1: Plan of Synagogue in West Maitland for Morris Benjamin (11/1/1879)

A listing of all surviving plans and specifications relating to approximately 3000 projects across the Hunter Valley Region, New England Region and beyond is here:

Pender Archive – Plans and Specifications Listing (1.2 MB PDF File)

Architectural plan of the Wentworth Hotel, Vincent Street, Cessnock, NSW, Australia

Why are there gaps?

You will see gaps in the listings. Professor Barry Maitland and his team prepared a listing of all bundles of plans while they were still with the Pender Architects Offices in Maitland. This listing was then used as the base for our accessions when the plans were subsequently brought into University custody in the year 2000. The flattened plans were identified and allocated archive location “M” numbers.

The conservation process took many months; firstly fumigation to kill the bugs, then multiple trips to Sydney to the conservator to rehumidfy and flatten out the bundles. Unfortunately, due to the brittle nature of some of the original paper stock, some of the plans did not survive the process. We still left the entries there, but they received no “M number” to denote that they once existed, but no longer.

M5116: Building Adajacent to Caledonian Hotel George Street (30/7/1868)

M5200-2 Competitive design for the new Roman Catholic Church, Inverell, NSW [n.d.]

M5204 Design for a Nonconformist Church, NSW [n.d.]

M5193-4 Sketch plan of the School of Arts, Muswellbrook, NSW [c.1870]

M5210-5 Plan of a Chimney Stack for the Maitland Mercury Office, West Maitland, NSW (31st December, 1881)

M5227 Plan of a Water Closet (W.C.) in Bolwarra, NSW (28th June, 1887)

M5431-1 Plan of Additions to Show Pavilion for N.A.Association Singleton, 1885

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