Looking for Lemnos Parade Resident to Help Complete a 116 Year Old “Then and Now”

Then and Now of Original 1906 Ralph Snowball Panorama, with 2022 recreation by David Diehm. Compiled by Robert Watson.
Then and Now of Original 1906 Ralph Snowball Panorama, with 2022 recreation by David Diehm. Compiled by Robert Watson. (Click for a Larger View)

Attention People of Lemnos Parade

The University of Newcastle Hunter Living Histories Team is searching for a resident of Lemnos Parade Newcastle to assist in creating a “then and now” photographic panorama of Newcastle, originally taken by legendary photographer Ralph Snowball in 1906.

To show the addition of the missing glass plate to the existing 1906 panorama of Cooks Hill Newcastle in 1906.
View of Obelisk 1906 Snowball Panorama, with missing plate from Leon Bren. Compiled by Robert Watson, 2021.

Ralph Snowball’s 1906 Panorama Restored in 2021

As outlined in our original post last year located here: https://hunterlivinghistories.com/2021/10/15/1906-panorama/ the original 1906 panorama was identified by the late Russell Rigby in 2010, but there was a missing piece.

The missing piece turned up in Melbourne in 2021, located online by Robert Watson. Robert contacted the owner, Professor Leon Bren. Professor Bren kindly donated the original glass negative, along with a collection of others, to the University of Newcastle’s Special Collections in the Auchmuty Library.

Then and Now 1906/2022

At the March 2022 meeting of the Hunter Living Histories, Robert Watson released the first attempt at a 1906/2022 “Then and Now”.

It consisted of the original reconstructed 1906 Panorama, with another created recently by photographer David Diehm. (see above).

David is a very accomplished Newcastle photographer who has published books of panorama shots of the beaches and city. He used a drone camera to capture the panorama. He has kindly provided his permission to use the image.

Why Lemnos Parade?

David Diehm and Robert Watson tried to locate exactly where Snowball had taken his original 1906 images. We had originally thought that Ralph Snowball had taken his 1906 images from the Obelisk site, but apparently not so.

The Drone photograph taken at an elevation of 15 metres above Lemnos Parade. However, the definition with David’s drone camera isn’t as good as Snowball’s camera that took the glass negative images 116 years ago.

So, if we can find someone who lives in Lemnos Parade, David will use his better camera to get more definition if he can get access to their roof.


Where Exactly in Lemnos Parade?

Lemnos Parade is a kind of split level affair, so on the eastern side there are garages straight onto the street and big trees opposite. So the photographer needs to be on the first level of a house. “A house which has a straight view to Mt Sugarloaf” is basically what we need.


So if anyone can assist, please leave a comment and we will be in touch.


This post compiled with the assistance of Robert Watson,
by Gionni Di Gravio, OAM
University Archivist & Chair, Hunter Living Histories


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  1. I live on the corner of Lemnos and Anzac Parade and have a spectacular panoramic view from my elevated verandah. A photographer is welcome to use the vantage point of my outlook to recreate the panorama.

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