Coal River True Crimes – By David Murray

Special thanks to author David Murray and Dark Stories for providing the following podcasts.

This is a short introductory episode to fill you in on what this podcast is and what our podcasting format will be going forward. LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE

Coal River True CrimeLISTEN TO PODCAST HERE – Season Introduction Season 1 focuses on true crime from Newcastle’s colonial past.

When I Finally Sleep Tonight. LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE A woman defending herself from a potential attacker? Or cold blooded murder? Opinion in Newcastle in the colonial days was certainly divided. What do you think?

Not A Reserved Girl. LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE Murder, multiple suspects and one woman whom might not be called a reserved girl….

Let’s Spend A Life Together. LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE Marriage is forever….unless married to the honeymoon murderer.

The Sandhills. LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE A woman disappears; near her home and a few short years later……a skeleton is discovered in the sandhills; murder, suicide or coincidence – what do you think?

Johnny’s Gone Mad Again. LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE True Crime or madness – we’ll let you decide. Accepting pleas for insanity brought new difficulties to trials in the 19th century.

Unholy Love. LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE True Crime often entailed love triangles or romance gone wrong.

Jacob’s Mob. LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE True Crime at the beginning of the bushranging era in early Australian history.

David Murray is a university medalist with a Creative Arts Phd from Newcastle Uni. He has published two books of poetry: “Swinging from a broken clock” and “Blue bottle” (Sultana Press), and contributed to Overland, The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture and the Mascara Poetry Journal.

Murray treats historical true crime creatively as a cultural marker of everyday life. It’s a process concentrating on ordinary lives while reflecting Luc Sante’s observation that ‘violence, misery, chicanery, and insanity exist in a continuum that spans history; they prove that there never was a golden age”.

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