Contents of the Victoria Theatre “Mystery” Camera Revealed

Pentax PC-550 Camera located in Victoria Theatre on 23 July 2018.

On the 23 July 2018, whilst the UON’s IT Innovation Team were conducting a 3D scan of the historic Victoria Theatre building in Perkins Street Newcastle, they found an old camera hanging on a wooden beam.

Vendela Pento and Gaute Rasmussen from the University of Newcastle’s IT Innovation Team suited up with 3D Matterport Camera


The exact location in the Victoria Theatre where the ‘mystery’ Pentax PC-550 was found.


Victoria Theatre Skeleton

The camera was found to contain 9 images, and we posted the camera on twitter to find someone who could develop the original film reel for us.


Local photographer Charlie Hardy, answering the call through a twitter post, developed the original negative film to finally reveal the contents, that consisted of around 36 images in total, taken circa the early 2000s.

Proof Sheet of 36 images from mystery camera
Individual opening up camera box for the Pentax PC-550 with film
Group shot

If you recognise (or are) any of the individuals in the images please get in touch with us at


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  1. Clear pictures of the office walls and outside would help.

    Evidence is party travelled over the Sydney Harbour bridge, visited a two story licensed pub near Merewether beach.

    Again clear pictures of the office walls would provide further evidence.

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