DEEP TIME Natural History Illustration

Rosie Heritage- illustration
Artwork by Rosie Heritage 2018

This work is conducted in memory and respectfully honours the First Australian People,
the Aboriginal People of this land.

This natural history illustration of a Indigenous heritage site in Newcastle West was created by Rosie Heritage. Rosie is on the Deep Time Team and undertook this project in the GLAMx Digitisation Lab at UON’s Auchmuty Library. She was inspired by the ancient history and Indigenous culture that lays beneath the surface at the site, interpreting the many layers of human occupation. It is a rich cultural site where many Aboriginal artefacts were located as well as evidence of European occupation.

Rosie Heritage at the GLAMx Living Histories Digitisation Lab, Auchmuty Library, UON

We congratulate Rosie on this very creative and thought provoking work, and sincerely thank her for this important contribution.

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