Natural History Illustration Field Studies & Culture Class Visit Northern Map Site (Wollombi)

Dr Bernadette Drabsch with NHIL3004 class with Mount Yengo

This work is conducted in memory and respectfully honours the First Australian People, the Aboriginal People of this land.

On the 4 August 2017, The University of Newcastle (Australia)’s Natural History Illustration Field Studies & Culture Class NHIL3004 visited the Finchley Park Reserve (also known as the Northern Map Site or Flat Rock) to undertake a site documentation through art, film, photography and digitisation using drone technology. The aim was to visually record, contextualise and interpret the site’s present condition, including its flora, fauna, Aboriginal engravings, motifs and landscape in context. This work forms part of the greater initiative of the GLAMx Living Histories Site Documentation Team.

Mount Yengo, as it appeared on 4 August 2017 from the Finchley Lookout


On route to the Finchley Park Reserve


Dr Greg Blyton (Wollotuka) arranges smoking ceremony for students prior to access to the engraving site.


Nicholas Barham launches drone with Dr Greg Blyton in distance

Camera and Drone footage by Nicholas Barham

Posters and Reports created by NHIL3004 Students

Artwork by Daneesha Williams (2017)


Artwork by Katina Pior (2017)


Artwork by Lucy Jordan (2017)

Lucy Jordan – Ornithology Rocks [Report] (3.6MB PDF File)

Artwork by Margaret Cooper (2017)

Margaret Cooper – Bush Medicine Report (486KB PDF File)


Artwork by Rachel Morgan (2017)


Artwork by Sally Booth (2017)

Sally Booth – Use of site [Report] (286KB PDF File)

Artwork by Sami Bayly (2017)

Sami Bayly – First Contact [Report] (64KB PDF File)


Artwork by Sylvia Gidall (2017)

Sylvia Gidall – The Cultural Heritage of Ancient Australian Aboriginals and their Connection to the Skies [Report] (401KB PDF File)


Artwork by Teresa Byrne (2017)

Teresa Byrne – Mapping the Land [Report] (49 KB PDF File)


Also see Yengo National Park Album on UONCC Flickr

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