NBN Television Archive – Digitisation of News Index Cards

NBN Television Index cards from 1965-1966 scanned and sorted in order Alphabetically. (July 2017)

As part of the winter 2017 HUMA3003 Arts Practicum course Justin Guion has worked for 10 days in the GLAMx Lab at the Auchmuty library with Dr Ann Hardy. The GLAMx Digitisation Lab is for students/volunteers to gain practical skills in digitisation. Part of the Lab is the Audio Visual Film Digitisation Lab and NBN Digital Film Archive overseen by Phillip Lloyd, who worked for both NBN TV and the University of Newcastle as part of the Medical Communication Unit. The NBN archive begins in 1962, and most of the original reels are spread throughout Local Studies (Newcastle Region Public Library) in Newcastle, Canberra (NFSA), and NBN Studios at Mosbri Crescent.

NBN Film Room
NBN Film Digitisation Room within the GLAMx Lab (July 2017)


Justin is a third year Bachelor of Arts student at the UON majoring in History. He visited the UON’s Cultural Collections after a visit organised by Dr James Bennett and Associate Professor Marguerite Johnson in 2016, afterwards started volunteering in Cultural Collections.

This project involved scanning the NBN TV News index cards from 1965 to 1966. The cards have been scanned and OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) a computerized scanning system that enables users to search PDF documents for information in the text documents.

CLICK HERE to access Index Cards on Livinghistories@UON

Justin scanning some NBN Television Index cards from 1965-1966 (July 2017)

Justin is the first UON student to work on the NBN Television Archive and we greatly appreciate his contribution.
If you would like to visit the GLAMx Lab please contact Ann Hardy on 49854594. Lab is located in Room L329 –L331 in Auchmuty Library.

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