Carrington Pump House

The illustrations above come from Thesis 608 held in the University of Newcastle’s Cultural Collections (Auchmuty Library).

John Gibson was on 1233 ABC Radio this morning (8 October 2016) announcing the heritage nomination for the Carrington Pumphouse and the historic hydraulic works established in Newcastle in 1877. We were surprised to find that it had been established just a year after the one in the United Kingdom and predates the pumphouse in Sydney which was not built until 1891.

For further information see:

Carrington Pump House

NSW Department of Commerce. Conservation Management Plan for the former Carrington Hydraulic Engine House. October 2005 (28.5 MB PDF)

Local Treasures – Carrington Pump House 10 Sept, 2012. By Carol Duncan.

Hydraulic Power Station (Carrington Hydraulic Engine House) – Listing on the NSW Office of Heritage and Heritage Website:

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