The Digital Panopticon – Reassembling Australia’s Convict Archive Online

This presentation by Professor Hamish Maxwell-Stewart at the 2015 National Conference of the Australian Society of Archivists was one of the most exciting and thought provoking explorations of what can be done with archival records and modern digital technology.

Professor Hamish Maxwell-Stewart
Professor Hamish Maxwell-Stewart

A trans-disciplinary collaboration of archivists, historians, IT experts, community organisations and volunteers.

Keynote Address 2 by Professor Hamish Maxwell-Stewart entitled “The Digital Panopticon: Reassembling Australia’s Convict Archive Online”

Delivered at the Australian Society of Archivists Annual Conference 2015, ‘Archives on the Edge’ held in Hobart, Tasmania.

Introduced by Ross Latham – State Archivist & Manager, Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office (TAHO).

Recorded by Simon De Little on the 20th August 2015
Assembled and Edited by Gionni Di Gravio

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