Penetrating Macquarie Pier Foundation Stone

Nobbys, Macquarie Pier and the Fort Scratchley circa 1900 (Courtesy of Ann Hardy)
Nobbys and Fort Scratchley NSW with Macquarie Pier circa 1900 (Courtesy of Ann Hardy)

Next Tuesday (13th August 2013) from around 8.30AM geophysicists from GBG Australia will begin carrying out the GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) examination of the Newcastle Breakwater (Macquarie Pier).

We hope to obtain a clearer picture of landscape below the ground at the origins of the Pier, and the possible location of the original Foundation Stone laid there by Governor Macquarie on the 5th August 1818.

This is being funded by a grant from the NSW State Government made in the weeks following the Macquarie Pier Plaque Unveiling and Exhibition event in 2010.

Background on the story is here:

Unveiling Ceremony of the Macquarie Pier Plaque by Her Excellency The Governor of NSW:

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