The Newcastle-Hunter Studies Symposium



Presented by the Humanities Research Institute, University of Newcastle
in partnership with Newcastle Art Gallery

The Newcastle Hunter Studies Symposium

Friday 3 May 2013
10.00am – 4.30pm
Newcastle Art Gallery

About the Symposium
Scholarship on Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, has the potential to illuminate national and transnational themes in historical and contemporary research, as well as to deepen the city’s and the region’s understanding of itself.

This symposium brings together, for the first time, members of the present generation of humanities and social sciences researchers focusing on Newcastle and the Hunter. This event is part of a broader project to collect past and present scholarship on the city and the region. It showcases the breadth and depth of studies being undertaken; it introduces this work to the community; and it is an occasion to discuss how future studies of the city and the region might proceed.



Mark Dunn – Aboriginal Guides in the Hunter Valley

Dr Lisa Ford and Dr David Roberts – Newcastle and the Transformation of Penal Practice in the Colony of New South Wales

Dr David Murray – Words for the Heat of Deeds: Creative non fiction and the writing of cultural history

Helen English – Music, Power and Public Space: a Case Study in Newcastle, NSW

Gaye Sheather – Local Sites and Sounds:  A History of live mainstream music in licensed venues Newcastle, NSW, during Australia’s Oz Rock Era (1970s and 80s)

Dr Keri Glastonbury – Rough and Tumblr: Blogging Newcastle

Panel Discussion –  The Place of Newcastle and the Hunter in History
Chair: Dr Julie McIntyre


Professor Erik Eklund, Monash University

Dr Nancy Cushing, University of Newcastle

Dr Julie McIntyre, University of Newcastle

Gionni Di Gravio, University of Newcastle

Images from the Day

2 March – 5 May 2013
A State Library of NSW and Newcastle Art Gallery partnership exhibition
Sponsored by Noble Resources International Australia

Treasures of Newcastle from the Macquarie era (2 March – 5 May 2013) provides an exceptional opportunity for the Newcastle/Hunter Studies Symposium. The exhibition, featuring the Macquarie Collector’s Chest and works by colonial artists Joseph Lycett, Edward Close and Richard Browne, was drawn from the significant collections of Newcastle Art Gallery and the State Library of NSW, and is the most important collection of historic and artistic material related to this city ever to be assembled.

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  1. I hope to be able to attend. As a novelist who has weaved a lot of local history into her current manuscript set in Mayfield – The Grey Silk Purse, I am really looking forward to this.

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