Mapping the Aerial Photographic Archive

If you have Google Earth on your computer you can download a .KMZ file of aerial photographs from Camberwell overlayed on to a modern Google map. You can download Google Earth Pro here. Camberwell – Run 1C, 1967 (126MB)  Download .KMZ File HERE Camberwell – Run 2C, 1967 (117MB)  Download .KMZ File HERE Camberwell – Run 3C, 1967 (151MB)  Download … More Mapping the Aerial Photographic Archive

Aerial Photographs – Ravensworth, NSW

The following overlays are of Ravensworth Homestead in the Hunter region, showing the location of the early Homestead and extant buildings, nearby creek, roads and evidence of other possible structures. We have assembled some aerial photographs, maps and plan overlays on Google earth,  and specifically enlarged the section of Ravensworth Homestead to find out what … More Aerial Photographs – Ravensworth, NSW