Biraban and Threlkeld: Finding the Third Space Theatrical Release


You are invited to a special FREE NAIDOC week screening of Biraban and Threlkeld:  Finding the Third Space, the 17th and latest in the Stories of Our Town Film Series and the follow up to Fortress Newcastle.


Two years in the making, Biraban and Threlkeld:  Finding the Third Space tells the story of how two men became this nation’s first civil rights activists, in Australia’s most brutal colonial outpost.

 Biraban, a bilingual Aboriginal man and leader of Newcastle/Lake Macquarie’s first nations peoples, and the Reverend Lancelot Threlkeld, a British missionary brought out to convert these people to Christianity; became mates.

Over twenty-one years they undertook the first systematic study of an Aboriginal language anywhere in the country, and created the first ever translation of the Bible into an Aboriginal language.

It’s also the first time an Aboriginal language was printed. Threlkeld also agitated the powers-at-be asking for Aboriginal land rights and demanded protection for First Nations People under British law. 

Told for the first time, this film uses decades of research and is told using both First Nation and European historians, academics and linguists.


Be the first to see the film, Sunday 3rd July at 2pm at the Civic Theatre before its release and enjoy a post-show Q&A (Hosted by Carol Duncan) with some of the stars of the film. ALL WELCOME.

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Chit Chat von Loopin Stab a.k.a. Glenn Dormand from Waratah

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  1. Hi Ross, Civic Playhouse sold out, so they’re moving it to the Civic Theatre!! Let me know if you are still having problems getting a seat.

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