Fringe Histories series- Dr Anne von Bertouch OAM

During March, Special Collections shared social media posts of some of the region’s amazing women and their contributions. We received heartfelt comments and memories about Dr Anne Von Bertouch OA (1915-2003)

Anne was gallery director of the Von Bertouch Gallery 1962 – 1998 in Newcastle located in Cooks Hill. Her galleries played a big part of Newcastle’s inner city art culture for decades, contributing so much to the art community during her lifetime and has left a wonderful legacy.

Anne recieved the Newton-John Award from the University of Newcastle in 1988.

ABC’s Paul Turton spoke to Dr Ann Hardy, who is the Coordinator for Hunter Living Histories at the University of Newcastle. LISTEN HERE – Drive – ABC Radio – Interview about Anne von Bertouch

Anne Von Bertouch (right) with artist Judy Cassab, the University of Newcastle, Australia – 1991


The University Library Special Collections Presentation of the 1987 Newton-John Award to Anne Von Bertouch, the University of Newcastle, Australia – 1988


1963 – von Bertouch galleries opens at 50 Laman street, Cooks Hill (william Dobell, John Olsen). 

1969 – offer of Hunniford Lane property across the road (c. 1877) 

1974 – Gallery moves to Hunniford Lane. Threat of demolition. No resident action groups. 

1990 – Anne sails on voyage London – Syd First Fleet reenactment.

1998 – Gallery closes.



‘Collectors choice’ was an annual event whereby artists who had exhibited that year were invited to submit works for the Collectors Choice exhibition. All works had the same price tag – The QUEUE had a life of its own, as described in the ‘The Queue Guidelines’ below.

Courtesy Romayne Hoyle, Lost Newcastle FaceBook.


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