Do you have Memories of the McMullin Building ?

The Arts-Administration Building (McMullin Building) courtyard, the University of Newcastle, Australia – c.1960s


What are your Memories of the McMullin Building ?

The Arts and Administration (later McMullin Building) at the UON Callaghan Campus at Shortland opened its doors to staff and students in 1965, becoming a central hub of the newly autonomous University of Newcastle (Australia). Over the subsequent 55 years, many thousands of people have walked its corridors, listened and debated in its classrooms and enjoyed its sunny courtyard. The McMullin Building has been the home base for the vice-chancellor, the site of University senate meetings, provided office and teaching space for the Humanities, Social Sciences, Law and Enabling Programs, and housed a computer data centre.

Prior to the demolition of the building later this year, we are collecting photographs and memories of the McMullin Building which will help to mark its important place in the life of the university.

McMullin Building Virtual Walk-Through

The Arts-Administration (McMullin Building) courtyard fountain – c.1960s

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2 thoughts on “Do you have Memories of the McMullin Building ?

  1. Yes I have many memories of the McMullin Building, ranging from attending (as I remember, University Council Meetings?) in the meeting room next to the VC’s Office which was then in the McMullin Building. I taught in the McMullin Building as English Coordinator in the International Foundation Program for approximately 20 years (not sure of exact dates, but happy to look them up). Our Directors was Mira Gordon and Seamus Fagan. We worked closely with the Open Foundation Teachers in a convivial atmosphere. I have in my possession, in my very overcrowded study, pictures of our yearly groups of International students many of whom went on to study at the University, in all Faculties, from Medicine to Engineering. We occupied the Northern end of the middle floor of the building adjacent to Languages and Law. We taught our student all over the university wherever rooms were available!Happy to talk about that time. Fran Baker, one of our teachers still works at the University and I am sure she would be happy to speak of her experiences there.

    In the photographs attached (which I would presume are from the opening of the building) I recognise the gentleman on the LHS is Alderman Vic Bell from the area of Newcastle City Council, known as West Ward,in which the University was situated.

    1. Hi Anne, thank you for leaving your recollections, they are wonderful. So many people have been through the building over the 50+ years.

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