Our Regional World 50 Years Ago

University of Newcastle ‘Multi-platform Journalism'(CMNS3333) students have recreated from original footage and written scripts from January 1970 News items and Roving Eye stories that went to air on NBN Television 50 years ago. (Note: exception of the footage recorded in 2020 in GLAMx Lab read from the original scripts by Ray Dinneen)


The project was coordinated at the Library’s GLAMx Lab and provided students with experience and practical skills in creating (or in this case re-creating) audio-visual content that involves multiple files to reconstruct a single audio-visual file i.e. News item.

students 3
Phillip Lloyd speaking with Communication students, February 2020

The digitised archival sources that students used were purposely digitised at the GLAMx Lab from original sources, including:-

Other digital files used to recreate the News item include:-

  • MP4 audio visual file of the story (voice over of script)
  • A selection of music files that best suit story.  Listen to a sample HERE  ‘Background Music News 1970’  (Research to ensure 1970 music specific to the TV industry).

Former NBN Television presenter Ray Dinneen kindly offered to read and provide voice overs of 100+ written scripts from January 2020.

Ray Dinneen
Ray Dinneen at GLAMx Lab, Auchmuty Library, January 2020

The digitisation and reconstruction of news stories is of immense value to the research community, namely that due to the production techniques of the era, no final version of the broadcasts exist; only the silent footage, the scripts and index cards.

Phillip Lloyd speaking with Communication students about the project, February 2020

This opportunity provided students with access to historic archival footage so they can better understand the changing contexts and technologies – and how those working in the media needed to adapt and keep pace with change.

Through the experience students gained an awareness of the existence of AV television archives and how potentially historic footage can be used in contemporary journalistic practice.

ray 2
Phillip Lloyd & Ray Dinneen at GLAMx Lab, Auchmuty Library January 2020

Originally the task started off as an ‘in Lab’ exercise during Semester 2, 2020, however in line with University of Newcastle’s COVID019 safety advice on March 23, we transferred the digital files electronically to students so they could recreate stories remotely.

Here is a sample of some of the reconstructed News items from January 1970


Courtesy – NBN Television Archive at the University of Newcastle (Australia).

Special Thanks to Phillip Lloyd (digitisation Specialist at GLAMx Lab), volunteers and contributors who prepared sources for this course, as well as the students and Ed Reddin (CMNS3333 Course co-ordinator) for supporting this project. Students have made a significant contribution in reconstructing these historic News items.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Project co-ordinated by Dr Ann Hardy
GLAMx Living Histories Digitisation Lab



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