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Tram stop near Royal Newcastle Hospital, [n.d] (
This collection of photographs is from Arthur Perry of Epping, NSW. Arthur is a retired railway worker and amateur photographer and has been involved with Railway & Tramway Historical Association for many years.  The majority of the photographs were taken during the period 1947-1950 while Arthur worked as a photographer, and largely relate to the Newcastle Tram System in its final years.

The collection was kindly loaned to the University of Newcastle in October, 2019 for digitisation.

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Arthur Perry Tram Collection @ UON

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The tram line started service in 1887 and operated between the Newcastle and Wallsend areas, beginning with steam trams which were eventually upgraded to electric trams in the 1920s on most lines.

Photo shows a tram engine with an attached carriage on the former Toronto tram rail. Clothing of passengers suggests early 1900s.
Steam tram on Toronto Line, by Newton Studios (
Coupled set of L/P class trams (#362 and unknown) on Scott Street outside Newcastle Station.

However by 1950, the Newcastle tram system faced closure for various reasons, with the Wallsend Line seeing its final service in June of that year.

Photo of group of staff members posing in front of the #316 during its' final service.
Final Service Returning to Depot, 1950 (

While the trams were gone, places such as the Newcastle Depot at Hamilton still saw use as a hub for the local buses. The memorial which stood in front of the depot still exists today.

Photo of the old depot at Hamilton, photo was taken at same time as APC007 but shows building at another angle.
Newcastle Depot, [c.1929] (
#476 double decker bus, 220 route, [n.d] (
Along with the main collection of images is a sub-collection of Arthur Perry’s photograph negatives, some of which do not have a duplicate in the main collection.

The digitisation of these archives took place in the GLAMx Lab at the Auchmuty Library and was made possible by the kind generosity of the Vera Deacon Regional History Fund. To continue this valuable work please consider making a donation to the Fund. If you have any information about this image, please contact Cultural Collections or add a Recollection, using these instructions.

Ashleigh Miller
Digitisation Officer 13 March 2020

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