GLAMx AV: The 2020 Hit-List


Projects, Goals and tasks for 2020

Any individual, business or organisation wishing to support all or any part of these initiatives is very welcome to donate to the Vera Deacon Regional History Fund. Background on the Fund and its great work is here. Help us reach Deadline 2025.

MISSION: To preserve, document, digitise and make accessible the Hunter Region’s Audio-Visual heritage in collaboration with NBN Television, City of Newcastle Public Library, National Film & Sound Archive and the Hunter Regional Community.



Preservation, Digitisation, Documentation and Public Access of the crucial elements of the NBN Film Archive from 1962 – Present.

Consisting of:

  • NBN LOCAL TELEVISION PROGRAM DIGITISATION PROJECT – To digitise all surviving NBN Local television programs and segments from the years 1962 to 2020. 


    Project Status:
    This undertaking is largely complete; and 830 tapes have been digitised. This material forms the backbone of the NBN Television Archive. The remaining outstanding program consists of 150 videotapes of “Today Extra”. 30 tapes tapes have so far been digitised.

    Michael Sherriff (V)

    2020 Goal
    : Continue digitisation of remaining 120 videotapes.

Michael “the Sheriff” Sheriff, our longest serving volunteer standing with a stack of AV Digitising Gear (2020)


  • NBN FILM NEWS STORY DIGITISATION PROJECT – Preparation, Conservation, Documentation and Digitisation of approximately 2000 x 16mm film reels containing News and Roving Eye stories from the years 1962 – 1982.

    Project Status:
    118 reels were digitised in 2012 and since re-commencing digitisation in 2018 a further 76 reels have been digitised. In addition to the film material there are 71 months of News scripts and 51 months of Roving Eye Scripts to be scanned and linked to their relevant film story from the years 1962 to 1972. At this time 11 and 5 months respectively have been scanned.

    Phillip Lloyd (V), Barry Nancarrow (V)

    2020 Goal:
    Continue digitising 60 months of News Film and 46 months of Roving Eye Scripts (only film scripts with visual content NOT all scripts containing overseas stories non-visual stories)


NBN Archive AF Film GLAMx AV Digitisation Lab Progress (as at 20 January 2020) – Click for Higher Res


Phillip Lloyd (Volunteer) in the GLAMx AV Lab (2020)
  • NBN VIDEOTAPE NEWS STORY DIGITISATION PROJECT – To digitise the NBN News stories from 1982-2020. These stories reside on a mixture of BVU, Betacam and DVCam videotapes.

    Project Status:
    The BVU group contains 1213 videotapes and have all been digitised; the Betacam group contains 2100 tapes of which 1600 have been digitised. These two tape groupings cover the years 1982 – 2000. The digitisation of 1100 DVcam tapes is not yet begun. They cover the remaining years 2000 – 2020.

    Gary Magnay (V), Stephen Legge (V), Sarah Xenos (V).

    2020 Goals:
    – Continue capture of 500 remaining Betacam news story tapes including preparation of excel cue sheets lists
    – Complete all unfinished excel Cue sheet lists from 1982 to 1988 including both BVU and Betacam.


NBN Archive Video Tape GLAMx AV Digitisation Lab Progress (as at 20 January 2020) – Click for Higher Res


  • OUR REGIONAL WORLD 50 YEARS AGO – WIL Collaborative project to remake the News and Roving Eye film stories from 1970.

    Project Status:
    This will entail using provided material from the NBN Film Digitisation Project, scanned original scripts, V/O narrations and story introductions with ex-News reader Ray Dineen (V) in front of a news backdrop of the era, and a selection of appropriate background music. WIL students will assemble the stories from these components to remake the stories the way they were originally presented. This will form part of their course requirements.

    Phillip Lloyd (V), Fran Shepherd (V), Linda Magnay (V), Deborah Wardell (V), Dr Ann Hardy with others.

    2020 Goal(s)
    – Prepare materials for Students project to remake the news stories from January and February 1970 (Total of 11 days) including Make and print separate story script PDFs (1 day per month of stories); Record Ray Dineen on camera intros and story V/Os (1 day’s shoot per month of stories); Prepare each story intro and V/O as a separate MP4 file (1 day per month of stories);Prepare each story intro and V/O as a separate MP4 file (1 day per month of stories); Extract each story vision separately from the film reel captures (2 days per month of stories); Organise equal work level of files for each student (1 day)
    – Prepare the remaining months of 1970 to allow continuation of project by students if they would like a placement in the lab (or volunteering) to remake more stories. Also, to allow any other volunteers the same options.
Saturday Date graphic (circa 1965)
  • THE NBN TELEVISION STORY– Arrange, list and document a collection of four (4) boxes of archival photographs, video, documents, press clippings and digital only copies of material that provide insights into the local television station NBN from its inception to today.

    Phillip Lloyd (V), Jan Welsman (V)

    2020 Goal
    Continue adding metadata to NBN photos and images and restructuring all NBN textual material

Digitisation and Rehousing of University and wider regional Community audio-visual materials dating from 1920s.

STATUS: Thus far 32 of 16mm film reels have been digitised and rehoused.

Any of those above.

2020 Goals: 
Digitise and make accessible AV material of wider community research interest

Development of systems and protocols for digitisation. Installation, maintenance and repair of equipment used in the AV Digitisation lab.  

NBN Graphic (1965)

Phillip Lloyd (V) and NBN Television technicians (V)

2020 Tasks:

    • Complete development of 8 mm digital capture system
    • Prepare instruction “How Tos” documents for all videotape, film and NBN Archive processes.
      • Prepare Films for digitisation and preliminary Cue sheet,
      • Digitise film from projector, Process captured film File,
      • Make MP4 files of the master file,
      • Prepare Film Cue sheets and do Timings from file,
      • The content Structure, and placement of files in the NBN Archive,
      • Digitisation of Betacam videotapes in isolation,
      • Digitisation of all videotape types using video rack system
    • Continue transportation of videotapes, film boxes and script boxes from Newcastle Public Region Library to UON
    • Locate missing card file Collections 1974 – 1980, 1986, 1988 – 1991. Also continue to explore ways of accessing the digital news file system from 1991 onwards
    • Review previous attempts to capture AV digitisation processes e.g. Student Interviews etc

Uploading digitised content from all of above to our digital platform Living Histories @ UON and UONCC YouTube Channel

STATUS: In 2019 we were able to employ Joshua to prepare a number of video collections for public access, including the Country Report and Valleys People. See:

Staff: Joshua Curley (V) and any other persons

2020 Goals: Continue uploading digitised material to our digital platforms


Gionni Di Gravio
University Archivist & Chair, HLH

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