Jean Guihot, Newcastle in Cut-Outs

[The photos were acquired during an interview with Mr. Eugene Guihot for the GLAMx Lab oral history project on The Store.]
Good memories are hard to come by, and even harder to capture, however this was not the case for Jean Lorrell Guihot (nee, White), who sadly passed away on Christmas day, 2017.​

Mrs. Guihot’s collection of scrapbooks document the history of Newcastle and the Hunter Region, as well as its people. The following 6 scrapbooks contain newspaper articles from various decades that have been compiled quite randomly, and mostly contain stories from the Newcastle Herald. The scrapbooks include articles, columns and advertisements and provide a rare peak into Newcastle’s past from Mrs. Guihot’s perspective.

We would like to thank Jean’s family and especially her husband Eugene Guihot for sharing this collection. ​


Personal Note for Jean Lorrell White

Jean Lorrell White was born on 11th October, 1927 at Young Rd. Lambton. Married Eugene Harold Guihot on 4th February, 1950, the couple were married for 67 years. They have four children; Julie, Peter, Kathy and Leanne.


The collection has an extensive selection of ‘History in Our Streets’ by Norm Barney, who was a well-known journalist who wrote on history and stories of Newcastle. Today these crumpled black and white newspaper articles with bold fonts provide us with a unique sense of nostalgia, especially for those old enough to remember some of the events.​

The collection consists of “anything interesting in the newspaper,” said Mr. Guihot.​

The following scrapbooks are formatted in PDF and come be downloaded [CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING SCRAPBOOKS TO VIEW]  Each scrapbook (PDF) has been OCR’s meaning they are searchable if opened in Adobe Acrobat.

Scrapbook No 1 Newsclippings 1977 – 1987


Scrapbook No 2 Newsclippings 1977 – 1988


Scrapbook No 3 Newsclippings 1989 – 1991
Scrapbook No 4 Newsclippings 1975 – 1976
Scrapbook No 5 Newsclippings 1991 – 1993
Scrapbook No 6 Newsclippings 1993 – 1997


This post was compiled by Tenzin Legden, Tenzin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Newcastle.

Many thanks to Deborah Waddell, Jessical Waugh and WIL students/volunteers in the GLAMx Lab for digitising and editing the scrapbooks



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