NBN Television Newsnight, 1988 (BETACAM 15)

This Newsnight tape is part of the NBN Television archive and was digitised by our first UON Communication student Tom Sinclair who undertook a WIL (work integrated learning) practicum in the GLAMx Living Histories Digitisation Lab in September 2017. Many thanks to Phillip Lloyd and Barry Nancarrow (former NBN Television staff) who are digitising various forms of material from 1988, including BVU tapes, Index cards and listing items as they are appeared in the ‘Newsnight’ series footage. In total 28 taped stories from “Newsnight” current affairs and cued sheets were digitised and scanned.

Newsnight BETACAM 15 tape contains:

00:09 – 07:49 – Anna Manzoney reports on Baroona House or Rosemount between Maitland and Singleton. Few people would know that events at this house would change the course of Convict settlement in Australia. This property would see years of mistreatment of the convicts by Major James Moody. Six convicts caused an uprising and were hung. However, an investigation was held and in 1840 transportation of convicts were ceased. The property flourished under Albert Danger. In 1825, the property was 4,000 acres it has dwindled to 700 acres now. The last edition in 1893 the house has remained unchanged to today. Dated: 17/7/1988
08:02 – 17:33 – John Church is interviewing Dr Metheral about education today. It is about the cuts the government is planning to staffing and the changes to marking of the H.S.C. Next year the teachers and ancillary staff will have their jobs changed. Dated: 26/7/1988
17:46 – 22:18 – Report on the Little River Band. The band was formed in 1975, by 1980s was riding high. LRB raked up 12 top 30 singles. After this, the band slipped into obscurity. In 1988, they released “Love is a bridge” peak at number 10. Dated:2/8/1988
22:29 – 22:56 – People of the Upper Hunter will Benefit in the budget the government will continue it’s testing for chemicals in the beef industry. Dated: 23/8/1988
22:57 – 24:23 – Miscellaneous subjects. This report is also found at the end of Betacam17 Dated: 23/8/1988

We also thank WIL students and volunteers for their contributions in digitising the NBN Television Archive.

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