NBN Television Newsnight, 1988 (BETACAM 14)

This Newsnight tape is part of the NBN Television archive and was digitised by our first UON Communication student Tom Sinclair who undertook a WIL (work integrated learning) practicum in the GLAMx Living Histories Digitisation Lab in September 2017. Many thanks to Phillip Lloyd and Barry Nancarrow (former NBN Television staff) who are digitising various forms of material from 1988, including BVU tapes, Index cards and listing items as they are appeared in the ‘Newsnight’ series footage. In total 28 taped stories from “Newsnight” current affairs and cued sheets were digitised and scanned.

Newsnight BETACAM 14 tape contains:

00:09-05:11 – USSR Consul General Vldimir Tsaregradsky being interview by John Church about the communist Party Conference in Moscow. The conference was held to discuss budgets and other changes that are taking place in the USSR now. Dated:
05:25 – 11:04 – A report on Diabetes. The report explains diabetes and is about one of our sports people who motivates the Basketball League. Ken Cole has Type 2 Diabetes and explains how it affects him; he has lost feeling in his feet he has had Vision problems, which has now cleared. He explains how he had to learn to live with it. In 1975, Newcastle Hospital setup the first Diabetic Education Centre in Australia and today is known as a leader in the field of Diabetes. Ken said many people are still ignorant of the disease. Dated: 19/7/1988
11:16 – 18:08 – A report on Asthma and how to look after it. Most asthmatic have to learn to read the signs of the disease so they wont stay home and have one more nebulizer or another puff on their inhaler, and will seek medical advice. 2/8/1988
18:21 – 18:53 – News night talks about the 500 million dollar luxury resort at Caves Beach. They meet the people behind it and the people opposed to the Gordon Pacific Plan. News Night visit resort on Surfers Paradise and comperes their achievements and problems with the cave beach proposal. Dated: 5/8/1988
19:03 – 20:55 – A report about the newly formed electorate of Port Stephens. This was formed by taking some seats from Newcastle, Waratah and Maitland. It stretches from Newcastle Suburbs of Mayfield West to Stockton, Medowie, Raymond Terrace and what is normally considered Port Stephens area Nelson Bay, Salamander and Shoal Bay. Nearly 36,000 people are on the Port Stephens Role. Dated: 1/11/1988
21:07 – 24:22 – Wild Watch – Quentin Fogarty reporting on The Gorge. The report explains how the area called the Gorge, the changes to the area, as the urban area took more of the land from the wildlife and how the native animals in the area the area are threaten. Naturalists are banding together to fight for the future of the Gorge. Dated: 1/12/1988

We also thank WIL students and volunteers for their contributions in digitising the NBN Television Archive.

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