A Catalogue of Historic Engineering: The Denman Collection (2017)

Attendees at Jeff Wolfgang’s Main Shed, 26th October 2017


A Catalogue of Historic Engineering: The Denman Collection. A listing and description of significant engineering equipment of Industrial and Agricultural use and an introduction to the Denman Museum. (1st Edition 2017) (PDF EBOOK 34.9MB)

Compiled by the Denman Team: Tony Gardner, Phil Lawrence, John Rodham, Rob Smith, Bob Francis, Mick Harrison and Mark Kelleher, with assistance from Jeff Wolfgang. Prepared for online publication by Gionni Di Gravio. January 2017.

Introduction by Mr Tony Gardner

We are fortunate to enjoy local access to a fantastic collection of valued engineering equipment, many operable, all illustrating the application of technology and forming our engineering heritage.

The grouping, termed the Denman Engineering Collection is principally displayed in four farm sheds and an underground repository at “Maylands,” east of Denman, with owner and curator Jeff Wolfgang residing on site.

This document titled of “A Catalogue of Historic Engineering: The Denman Collection” has been prepared as a record, display and description of the principal items and extended to cover items of significance at other Hunter Valley locations. Further items are located in the Denman Museum, an example of community support of our engineering heritage.

The document deals with mechanical, electrical and agricultural items of significance including steam and oil engines, vintage vehicles, tractors, machine tools and industrial equipment. All items can be identified by their impact on our society as reflected in commentary and where appropriate, reference is made to Australian events.

It is recommended, as an application of studies, for engineering undergraduates to visit and take note of the development of technology.

The items are illustrated with photographs and brief description and where appropriate further information in a following chapter. A series of questions to undergraduates and Hunter TAFE students is later presented.

Chapter 7 carries some of the work of UON mechanical undergraduates at Caterpillar during their Vocational Experience Course and three of their Power Point Presentations are displayed.

The Denman sites carry the principal offerings and other locations are Richmond Vale abandoned coal mine, Maitland Steam Fest Workshop, Fort Scratchley, Lake Goldsmith, Gosford Classic Cars and Fighter World.

This has been a team effort with great contributions by Jeff Wolfgang, Phil Lawrence, John Rodham, Rob Smith, Bob Francis, Ralph Robinson, Mick Harrison and Mark Kelleher.

Tony Gardner.
9 January 2017

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