Natural History Illustration Field Studies & Culture Class NHIL3004 visits the historic sites of Newcastle and Beyond

Natural History Illustration Class at Customs House Newcastle

On the 6th October 2017  the University of Newcastle (Australia)’s Natural History Illustration Field Studies & Culture Class NHIL3004 visited the historic sites of Newcastle. Under the supervision of Dr Bernadette Drabsch, the students were introduced to a variety of important places on a walking tour including Christ Church Cathedral, the former Parsonage site, the former Newcastle Court House,  Rose Cottage, James Fletcher Hospital Site, former military barracks site, Exchange and former Town Hall Chambers in Watt Street, Customs House, Cornish Dock, Macquarie Pier and Fort Scratchley. Their history guides were Dr Ann Hardy and Gionni Di Gravio. This work forms part of the greater initiative of the GLAMx Living Histories Site Documentation Team.

Christ Church Cathedral Warrior’s Chapel: For the Fallen by Rachel Morgan (2017)


Biography of the James Fletcher Hospital Site by Sally Booth


Victoria Theatre by Sylvia Gidall (2017)


Newcastle Pilot Station by Margaret Cooper (2017)


The Junction Plane Crash (1966) by Daneesha Williams (2017)


Newcastle’s Graveyard of Ships by Katina Prior (2017)


The house at Ash Island by Lucy Jordan (2017)


The Walka Water Works: From Working Life to Wildlife by Sami Bayley (2017)


Escape from the Scone Lock Up: Joy riders scale the wall by Teresa Bryne (2017)

5 thoughts on “Natural History Illustration Field Studies & Culture Class NHIL3004 visits the historic sites of Newcastle and Beyond

  1. Thank you but what about the Stockade site the first industrial site in Australia the original forge pit Dr john Turner uncovered & fort Scratchily , Shepard’s Hill , Nobbys Legend of the Big kangaroo ,Cottage creek corroboree and cemetery site , The Tank Streams Three that I know of ,The old Jail & Hospital ,The first sandstone Warf at Customs House . the FOUR Boat harbours one was at the Sandstone Warf ,The Drilled Tunnels at Nobbys , Newcastle’s first mine , the incline coal Skips Gravity Feed ,The Pilot Station on the north side of the breakwater Rocky Point, Ship wrecks that made Stockton Breakwater . The Original Christ Church with stories of the Newcastle creep ( soil) . Then and now the Shape of the Harbour Foreshore . The original Place of Shortland’s landing camp Stream . Then and now of the Change to the Hunter River Hamilton was part of the river flats and Stockton was a Island . Then and Now Kooragang Island and the Islands that made it up.. The Brick Large storm water under the court house . The original Newcastle Water Supply Reservoirs. Scott st was High water and the Build up of Hunter st because of that . Stockton Ballast ground and the Jesus Tree the tree of Thorns . gold and silver bearing rocks from Africa . Nobbys place for Criminal Lady’s. The Cedar Getters and Rafts to Newcastle Big john Young C.M. & O.A.M.

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