Aborigines of the Hunter Region Kit

Aborigines of the Hunter Region Kit

Aborigines of the Hunter Region [Kit]
was a resource kit created for teachers and compiled in the 1980s for the Department of Education.

It consisted of 7 booklets, 10 prints with questions, 45 slides (most in colour), notes to the audio visual materials and a sound cassette which included Perc Haslam speaking about the language of the local Aboriginal people.

The ultimate objective, therefore was to inculcate the children of the Hunter Region, and that encompasses many ethnic groups, with a respect for and an understanding of a race of Australian people.

The scholars responsible for the preparation of this work were:

Perc Haslam – Visiting Scholar (Aboriginal Studies) Newcastle University.
John Heath – Education Officer Aboriginal Grants. Member of the Awabakal Co-operative.
Bob Jakes – Raymond Terrace High School
Bryce James – Science Consultant, Hunter Region
Bill Needham – Science Teacher, Cessnock High School
Boris Sokoloff – Primary Teacher, Cardiff  North Primary School. Curriculum Perspective  Consultan t. (1983 – 1984 ) Hunter Region.
Helen Vaile – Social Studies Lecturer, Newcastle Colleae of Advanced Education
John West – Primary Teacher, CessnocK Primary School

Thanks to Melanie Patfield who digitised the Aborigines of the Hunter Region Kit for the University of Newcastle in November 2010.

Aborigines of the Hunter Region Booklet 1. Introduction ; Contents; Subject index ; Bibliography –Booklet 2. Australian prehistory, Aboriginal history — Booklet 3. Traditional Aboriginal society : economic and material culture –Booklet 4. Traditional Aboriginal society : social aspects — Booklet 5. Black and white contact –Booklet 6. Contemporary Aboriginal society — Booklet 7. Teaching strategies [7MB PDF]

Audio visual materials notes for teachers [664 KB PDF]

Prints. [Photographic study, traditional life] [25.3 MB PDF]

Slides. [Material culture ; Foods ; Ceremonial art sites, ceremonies and legends] [27.4 MB PDF]


Cassette, Side 1. Track 1 – Aboriginal Languages by Perc Haslam

(33 min.) [29.7 MB MP3]

Cassette, Side 2. Track 1 – Contemporary Aboriginal Music [26.3 MB MP3]

Cassette, Side 2. Traditional Aboriginal Music [16.1 MB MP3]

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