The Virtual Convict Lumber Yard circa 1840

The Convict Lumber Yard Circa 1840
The Convict Lumber Yard Circa 1840

Many years ago, in the late 1990s I attended a Heritage Seminar Workshop at the University’s Design Studios. One of the presenters (Mr George Drewery) that day handed out CDrom copies of a Virtual Convict Lumber Yard that he created as a 3D Quicktime Movie display. It was a great piece of work and we have been unable contact him.

A couple of days ago I took an enquiry over the phone from a gentlemen wishing to know if there were any paintings or images of the Convict Lumber Yard in existence besides the ones in the landscape panoramas that are distant in their aspect.

I remembered this presentation and so decided to have another look for the Cdrom. Having found it I soon discovered that most of the Cdrom’s contents won’t run on a modern machine anymore, but the mov file still works and so we have uploaded it to the Coal River website in the hope that Mr Drewery the author and creator (or someone that knows him) will get in touch with us.

[An Interactive Presentation by George Drewery c.1990s] prepared as a 360 Quicktime. Be sure to view with the Quicktime Viewer for 360 effect and click on convict arrows for 3D views of Convict Lumber Yard. (11 MB Mov File] (Please note: No longer works with Quicktime)

Link to the original Quicktime Movie file is here:


Gionni Di Gravio
University Archivist and Chair – Coal River Working Party

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