CACHE Living Digital Heritage (LDH) 2021 Conference Now Online


One of the most thrilling and most exciting online conferences was the CACHE Living Digital Heritage (LDH) 2021 conference.

Hosted by the Centre for Ancient Cultural Heritage and Environment (CACHE), Macquarie University, this free event ran from 5-7 November 2021.

It covered a range of digital methods and their application to heritage-related pursuits, particularly in the domain of Virtual Heritage.

As a regionally focused conference, it fostered a strong community of ​practice on virtual and digital heritage.

The original program is here: CACHE Living Digital History Conference Program 2021

See twenty-two presentations from the 2021 Conference on the Living Digital Heritage YouTube Channel:


The crossplatform palimpsest: archaeological visualisation and gamification for public engagement and site analysis in the excavation of a late Roman palace in Serbia
Andrew Yip


Museum futures: extended reality heritage experiences in the age of human expansion in space
Kaja Antlej


A new turn in heritage diplomacy: “Intimate” and “mobile” museum diplomacy
Natalia Grincheva


Evaluating Empathy in Realistic and NonPhotorealistic Virtual Reality Museum Experiences using Eye Tracking
Ibrahim Itani, Kaja Antlej, Ben Horan


Digital cultural heritage theory: ghosts of objects past or bogged by binaries? A Macquarie University perspective
Rhonda Davis, Gina Hammond, Andrew Simpson


The Paths of Immersion (POI) Framework: An integrated approach to immersive design
Biba Tominc


3D Printed Puzzles for STEM Outreach and Cultural Preservation
Christian Meyers, Kaja Antlej


First Nations and Digital Mapping: Return Reconcile Renew and Māori Maps
Winsome Adam, Lyndon OrmondParker, Paul Tapsell


Rākau momori: Modelling Chatham Island tree markings
Josh Emmitt, Gerard O’Regan, Susan Thorpe, Richard Hemi


Lanchester petrolelectric car: Gamification and storytelling
Saif Al Atrash, Kaja Antlej, Sylvester Arnab


Standing Stones and Swarm Robotics: Replication, Re/construction, Preservation
Aleks Michalewicz, Robert E. Walton, Elena Vella, Daniel A. Williams, Goran Duric, Justin Green


Creating the ‘Living Museum’ for Sustainable Development of the Past in Jordan
Gehan Selim, Andrew Holland


The Hellenic Museum Digitization Project
Thomas J. Keep



Panel session Digital 3D objectbased learning and research at the University of Melbourne
Convenor: Ben Loveridge

Ben Kruenen Challenges creating and acquiring a 3D scanning service

Naomi Mullumby Digitising the Miles Lewis Collection project

Rita Hardiman Preservation and conservation of biological collections

Monique Webber Digital objectbased learning, equity, and workplace skills in Ancient World Studies

Mitch Buzza Incorporating game technology in Ancient World Egyptian studies


Built for purpose 3D analysis tools integrated into the latest version of Pedestal 3D & Latest breakthrough results of using the 6axis photogrammetry method
Michael C. Rampe


Greek Villa Project Demonstration
Bronwen Neil, Susan Lupack, Deborah Richards, Ayse Bilgin, Meredith Porte


MuseX: Designing Living Virtual Heritage Engagements
Kevin N. Lucas


3D digitisation at scale Normalising the practice through collaboration, partnership and internship
Michael C. Rampe


Towards an open set of fieldwork photogrammetry protocols
Michael C. Rampe, Shawn Ross


The Nea Paphos Theatre in 3D: the use of VR modelling in research, education and promotion in Cyprus
Craig Barke



The Archaeology of Dark Souls
Thomas J. Keep, Mia Nie


Bringing the field to the screen: A virtual field trip in the age of lockdowns
Tom England, Casey Kavanagh, Nathan Daczko


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