Recital ‘Eala Earendel’ by Dr Edward Bridle “The Dapper Gentleman”


Dr Edward Bridle “The Dapper Gentleman”, Special Collection, University of Newcastle (Australia) recites ‘Eala Earendel’

“Eala Earendel, engla beorhtast, ofer middangeard monnum sended, and sôðfæsta sunnan leoma torht ofer tunglas, þu tîda gehwane of sylfum þe symle inlîhtes!”

i.e., O jubar, angelorum splendidissime, / super orbem terrarum hominibus misse, / radie vere solis, / supra stellas lucide, qui omni tempore / ex te ipso luces! (trans. J. Grimm)

Hail Day-Star! Brightest angel / sent to man throughout the earth, / and Thou steadfast splendour of the sun, / bright above stars! Ever Thou dost / illumine with Thy light the time of every season. (trans. Kennedy)

Hail, Earendel, brightest of angels! / over Middle-Earth to mankind sent, / and faithful ray of the Sun, / bright above the stars, thou dost every season / illuminate ever with thine own light. (trans. Bridle)


Farewell Dr Edward Bridle “The Dapper Gentleman” University of Newcastle Australia (Specialist Archivist 2002 – 2020)


Ode to Edward  

“Our dapper gentleman is a man of many layers With interests in medieval times, anime and vampire slayers   This archivist extraordinaire Handles past treasures with utmost care   Sandwiched between compactus and pillar His Anglo-Saxon recitations are killer   His style and manners are heaven sent Please just don’t offer him chocolate during Lent   While we don’t always … ” By Paige Wright


From your colleagues and friends at the UON Library we wish you well. 


Dr Edward Bridle, standing elegantly, with his gift of mead, from his loving work mates from ⁦@UoNArchives @hunterhistories @GLAMxLab on the eve of his last working day 26 November 2020

faran wel Farað nu gesunde and gesælige becumað ‘go healthy now and arrive fortunate’

27 November 2020

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