Market Street Boat Harbour Wall

Market Street Boat Harbour Wall, c.1850s

The Market Street boat harbour wall constructed in the 1850s has just been re-exposed as part of the Light Rail works in Newcastle. Tim Adams, Principal Archaeologist from Umwelt led a tour last Friday afternoon for the Hunter Living Histories researchers.

Portions of it will likely be removed as part of imminent works, and it appears that work has already begun.

2018 Overlay with 1897 Map
2018 Overlay of site with 1897 Map showing location of Boat Harbour.
2018 Overlay with 1897 Map Closeup
2018 Overlay with 1897 Map closeup showing “Stone Sea Wall”

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  1. The email I received said Thursday on Friday at 10 am. I attended but there was no one there. Will it be retained?

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