NBN Television Newsnight, 1988 (BETACAM 25)

This Newsnight tape is part of the NBN Television archive and was digitised by our first UON Communication student Tom Sinclair who undertook a WIL (work integrated learning) practicum in the GLAMx Living Histories Digitisation Lab in September 2017. Many thanks to Phillip Lloyd and Barry Nancarrow (former NBN Television staff) who are digitising various forms of material from 1988, including BVU tapes, Index cards and listing items as they are appeared in the ‘Newsnight’ series footage. In total 28 taped stories from “Newsnight” current affairs and cued sheets were digitised and scanned.

Newsnight BETACAM 25 tape contains:

00:10 – 06:15 Interview with Mike & Mal Leyland from the TV program ‘Ask the Leyland Brothers’. Also includes sights from the Leyland Brothers World.
06:26 – 07:36 Striking Coal Mine workers due to the sacking of nine workers from the Mount Thorley coal mine.
07:46 – 08:04 Ask the Leyland Brothers 2.
08:16 – 08:45 Silent clip regarding shop assistants.
08:56 – 10:43 Lake Macquarie Councils failed major development project for the Bicentennial.
10:56 – 11:44 Plans for a Marine Centre (location unknown)
11:54 – 12:46 ‘Swiftwings’ powering ocean bound vessels, general boating reports.
12:57 – 13:14 Pet Cemetery (location unknown).
13:24 – 14:11 Blackbutt Reserve Wildlife Enclosures (very faint audio, can only hear a whisper).
14:22 – 15:02 Discussion of people suffering from ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).
15:14 –15:58 Short interview with Sonia Lawson, a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferer.
16:10 – 22:21 Interview with Dr Donohoe, conducted tests with CFS sufferers.

We also thank WIL students and volunteers for their contributions in digitising the NBN Television Archive.

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