NBN Television Newsnight, 1988 (BETACAM 23)

This Newsnight tape is part of the NBN Television archive and was digitised by our first UON Communication student Tom Sinclair who undertook a WIL (work integrated learning) practicum in the GLAMx Living Histories Digitisation Lab in September 2017. Many thanks to Phillip Lloyd and Barry Nancarrow (former NBN Television staff) who are digitising various forms of material from 1988, including BVU tapes, Index cards and listing items as they are appeared in the ‘Newsnight’ series footage. In total 28 taped stories from “Newsnight” current affairs and cued sheets were digitised and scanned.

Newsnight BETACAM 23 tape contains:

00:09 – 02:23 – A report on the Pet Cemetery. This report talks about People that decide they want to cremate their dog. In addition, place a plague on their grave.
02:34 – 04:43 – A report on Alzheimer’s Disease. People suffering from it in the Hunter and how there are only a few places in the Hunter. Dated 10/6/1988
04:53 – 05:19 – A report on the newly acquired bus for Breast Cancer Screening. Dated: 13/9/1988
05:27 – 07:30 – John Church reports on the new freeway that is being built. This comes to a standstill west of Barnsley . Now the road peels off the new road and by passes through Pelaw Main. The normally quiet suburban street are not used to this high volume of traffic and it is destroying the roads. Dated 16/8/1988
07:43 – 09:31 – Brian is just one of a number of people each year who fall victim to Melanoma. He has a special denoted by a Service club it allows him to be moved with minimal discomfort. He would like to start a support group for people in the Hunter. Dated: 8/3/1988
09:42 – 11:45 – Aberdeen home to an abattoir since 1892 and 16 years ago a tannery started in Aberdeen and a new smell. Locals, in the last few months have been complaining Locals blame part of the smell on the sludge pits 1mile out of town, which the tannery uses these pits to store the sludge, a by-product from the Wolverton Tannery. Tom O’Connell is leading a campaign to have the pits closed by local council under Health regulations, the complaints have been going on for 6-7 years. After a petition of approx. 160 names were given to, council and they have started to make moves to do something about the pits. Scone Shire Health Surveyor – Tom O’Connell blames Ian Glendenning for letting the smell get out of hand. The tannery Employs 21 people and a yearly turnover of $16 million dollars, it admits to the odour problem and within 18 months will replace the pits with a new expensive process to deal with the by-products, at a cost of a quarter of a million dollars. They are saying there will be no odour and the liquid waste will be incorporated to the sewer system. Dated: 26/4/1988
11:58 – 14:11 – John Church reports on suffers of M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) commonly called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He interviews a number of suffers who are learning to live with the illness and how they cope with their daily lives. He talks to Professor Dennis Wakefield about causes and cures. Part 1 Dated 5/9/1988
14:22 – 16:57 – A report on Asthma and how the Ambulance Service is called out to emergencies. There are more and more people having Asthma attacks. There is a 400 % increase in Asthma in the past two years. This increase was caused through environment and people not using their medications correctly. About 1 in 10 people suffer Asthma. For children it is 1 in 5 who suffers for Asthma. With the correct medications, Asthmatics can lead a normal life. Dated: 2/8/1988
17:07 – 19:14 – Ask the Leyland Brothers Intro. Snips from several different interviews. Highlighting a People Montage.
20:11 – 22:47 – – A report on Alzheimer’s disease. People suffering from it in the Hunter and how there are only a few places in the Hunter. Dated 10/6/1988
22:59 – 23:24 – Cattle droving.
23:35 – 23:53 – The Band – The Monkees
24:04 – 24:26 – Making of Prosthesis
24:58 – 25:12 – Watching the space shuttle launch

We also thank WIL students and volunteers for their contributions in digitising the NBN Television Archive.

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