Baiame Cave Site Documentation Visit (2016)

Painting Baiame – The Process and Pigments Used to Paint Baiame Cave

This work is conducted in memory and respectfully honours the First Australian People, the Aboriginal People of this land.

A Site To Behold – The Story of Baiame Cave (2016)

Video documents the story of the Baiame Cave and the work of the Natural History Illustration Field Studies & Culture Class NHIL3004 visit on the 28th June 2016. The Baiame Cave at Milbrodale, New South Wales is located in the Singleton District.

Video contains interviews with students involved in the documentation. Their work can be seen below. We thank Uncle Warren Taggart for being guide to our students on this field trip and sharing his knowledge of  the Wonnarua peoples rich history and culture.

Production Credits

Directed by Gina Cranson and Garrett Eckerson
Produced by The University of Newcastle Natural History Illustration Research Group.
Written and Narrated by Gina Cranson
Director of Photography and Video Editor Garrett Eckerson

Interview Cast

(In order of Appearance)

Dr Bernadette Drabsch
Christine Brent
Kevin Cranson (Voice of R.H. Mathews)
Lillian Webb
Ayeesha McComb
Leigh Graham
Rodney Smith
Noelene Smith
Conrad Turnbull
The Voice of Warren Taggart

Special Thanks

Dr. Amir Mogadam
Dr. Andrew Howells
Dr. Bernadette Drabsch
Daniel Atkins
Ray Kelly
Rodney & Noelene Smith
Susan Grace-MacDonald
The University of Newcastle
Warren Taggart
& The Students of Natural History Illustration
All Music Licenced Through Audio Jungle

Student Work

Baiame Cave – Condition of Rock Surface (Click for a larger view)


Land of Plenty – Edible Plants from the Lower Hunter (Click for a larger view)


Baiame Cave (Click for a larger view)


Baiame Cave (Click for a larger view)


Painting Baiame – The Process and Pigments Used to Paint Baiame Cave (Click for a larger view)


Baiame Cave Meeting Place of the Clans (Click for a larger view)


Baiame Cave – Aboriginal Tribes of Newcastle and Hunter Valley (Click for a larger view)


Wrapped in Culture – Possum Fur Coats (Click for a larger view)


Digital Enhancement and Recording Technologies A Different Perspective (Click for a larger view)


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