Aboriginal Heritage of Mount Yengo and the Wollombi Valley

Mount Yengo


This work is conducted in memory and respectfully honours the First Australian People, the Aboriginal People of this land.

In 2009 a community gathering and public lecture event was organised by Garry Jones and the Wollombi Valley Arts Council Inc., to raise awareness in the local community about the importance of Aboriginal heritage and culture and why it needs to be protected, safeguarded, researched and cherished.

A video recording of the evening at the Laguna Community Hall on the 14 February 2009, “Heritage of the Wollombi,”was produced by Monterosa Media and filmed by Sam DiNatale for the Wollombi Valley Arts Council Inc.We thank Mr Claude Aliotti and the Wollombi Valley Arts Council Inc. for granting permission for the University of Newcastle to make this video freely available to the global community of researchers.



00:00:00 – 00:03:03  Welcome & Introductory Remarks regarding “the oldest library in stone in the world” (Claude Aliotti, Wollombi Valley Arts Council Inc.)

00:03:07 – 00:05:09 Acknowledgment of Country (Arthur Fletcher, Wonnarua Nation) Introduction of invited descendants of Darginjung, Gurringai, Awabagal & Wonnaruah tribal groups.

00:05:16 – 00:26:10 Narrative of the Aboriginal presence in the Wollombi Valley & surrounds  (Gionni Di Gravio. Archivist, University of Newcastle).

00:26:16 – 01:01:02 Art Sites of Yengo Country & the Wollombi district (Garry Jones, Binghai Aboriginal Sites Team).

00:01:20 – 01:53:07 Archaeology of the Aboriginal presence in the district & beyond (John Clegg, University of Sydney).

Break for refreshments, evening picnic meal, etc.

01:53:13 – 02:19:48 Geomorphology of the Valley before and after European settlement (Professor Wayne Erskine, Ourimbah Campus, University of Newcastle).

02:19:59 – 02:49:56 New Site Recording Approaches & “A Pipedream” (Emeritus Professor John Fryer, University of Newcastle).

02:49:59 – 02:52:25 – Thanks by Claude Aliotti

02:52:34 – 02:57:27 Community Discussion Question 1. Date of the Rock Art? (Garry Jones, John Fryer)

02:57:26 – 02:59:39 Community Discussion Question 2.  What future explorations, site documentation and advice for future care? (NPWS Rep)

02:59:44 – 03:15:32 Community Discussion Question 3. What do Aboriginal people think about all this? (Les Atkinson, Arthur Fletcher, Claude Aliotti, NPWS Rep, Garry Jones)


Yengo of the Sandstone Country is a film relating to the ancient Australian Aboriginal Culture of the Wollombi Valley of New South Wales in the vicinity of Mount Yengo. Originally screened at the Wollombi Film Festival in 1998. Duration: 17′ 05″


Script: Tony Fields
Produced by Claude Aliotti
Directed by Gwen Farris and Tony Fields
Words and Music by Vic hall
Sound and Vocal by dave Davies
Keyboard by Jason Cox
Special Effects by Peter Hockley
Lighting by Max McLure and Bill Martin
Cameras: Dennis Elton, Mal “Flash” Gordon, David Lord, Gwen Farris, Peter Hockley.
Edit Team: David Lord, Max McLure, Tony Fields, Gwen Farris and Claude Aliotti.
Make-Up: Gwen “Bubbles” Farris
Gaffer: Bill Martin
Graphics: Peter Hockley
Key Grip: David Slade
Grip: Kevin MacKay
Narrated by Tony Fields, Robin Sutherland and Steve Lombardi
With support from Gwen Farris, Kevin MacKay and Dave Davies.
Special thanks to Steve Lombardi, Gary Jones, Paul Gordon, Peter McDonough, Sean Choolburra & The Mulil Dancers

And to BAIAME the Ancient one without whom there would be no story.


This documentary on the Wollombi Valley was produced in 1985 by the Audio-Visual Unit, School of Political Science, University of New South Wales.

Lecturer: A Palfreeman
Originally recorded: March 1985
Dubbed: 1 April 1985.
Duration: 12′ 40″

Interviewees in order of appearance are:

Jean Easthope – Writer, Resident
June Macqueen – “Werong” Stud
Fonce Cagney – Farmer
Ken Sweetman – Sawmiller
Ian Bawden – Captain, Wollombi Valley Fire Brigade
Percy Haslam – Writer, Historian.

University of Newcastle Archives Shelf Location A7758(ix)
Digitised 16th September 2013 from the original G & C VHS Cassette by Gionni Di Gravio

For more info: https://hunterlivinghistories.com/category/aboriginal-history-and-culture/

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