Found: 2NUR FM From the 80s

Students from CHY take over 2NUR FM

By Angelique Carr

In the late 70s, through to the 80s, 2NUR FM hosted a program called ‘The Word This Week’. The show focused on poetry, prose and literary figures. Its topics varied from Shakespeare, to children, to cricket. Over 70 recordings of this show, and one or two other UON focused programs, were found within the UON recording archives. For the first time ever, we have edited and compiled these recordings into 47 tracks which can be found on the Cultural Collections’s SoundCloud.

To listen, click here: 2NUR FM Collection 1979 -1983.

Take a listen to these tracks if you have an interest in Australian poetry, Novocastrian prose, in-depth analysis’ of Shakespeare, or women in literature. Highlights include The Madness Special broadcast 12th May 1980, Women Poets of Australia broadcast 26th November 1979, and the Hour Long Hamlet Special broadcast 26th May 1980.

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