UoN Creative and Performing Arts Students Engage Local History

Joining of Dyan and Sue at The Lock Up Newcastle

As stalwart supporters of student research into the history of our region we are delighted to see that this year there is a bumper output from a very engaged and creative cohort in the first year of University of Newcastle’s Creative and Performing Arts ( i.e., the new name for what was formerly ‘Drama’).

Thanks to the cooperation of Julie Baird at the Newcastle Museum, Newcastle Art Gallery and Lockup Museum you’ll see from the following that this has generated a partnership for this year which we hope is ongoing.

Following is a list of the group performances out of CAPA1020 Intro to Drama 2 that will occur  over the next 7 days:

Monday October 29, Joining of Dyan and Sue Clare Irvine’s Monday tutorial will perform a site responsive installation at the Lockup Cultural Centre, 90 Hunter Street, Newcastle, at 6pm. Developed from the history of internees (invitation above)

Tuesday October 30, a group from Brian Joyce’s Tuesday tutorial will meet their audience at the pedestrian tunnel near the upper end of Callaghan Campus at 6pm for a per-formative investigation of the matter of Security on Campus – if you need directions, just email Brian or Gillian.

Wednesday October 31, a group from Gillian Arrighi’s Wednesday tutorial will meet their audience at the Obelisk in Civic Park, Newcastle City, at 6pm for a walking tour performance that will lead you through the streets of Newcastle whilst entertaining you and enlightening you to the personal side of the 1989 Earthquake. Everyone is invited to a certain pub, after the performance, to meet with the walkers and the performers and to talk about the events of the evening.

Friday November 2, a group from Gillian Arrighi’s Wednesday tutorial will perform at the Newcastle Museum at 2.15pm. The performance begins on Newcastle’s Tram, moves to the BHP room, and from there to the Coal gallery, to re-consider the Stockton Mining Disaster of 1896.

Sunday November 4, a group from Brian Joyce’s Tuesday tutorial will perform at the Newcastle Region Art Gallery, 1 Laman Street, Cooks Hill, at 2.30pm. The performance “Ephemeris” has been developed in response to the current exhibition.

In addition to these live performances, two groups from the course have devised and created inter-media performances for the platforms YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram that will be previewed on Campus on Wednesday afternoon in the Drama Seminar Room, Drama Building. Both groups have responded to the current research initiatives of the Research Centre for Gender, Aging and Health.

Thanks to Dr Gillian Arrighi, Brian Joyce and team!

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