Raymond Terrace Hunter’s River

Raymond Terrace Hunter’s River

(From the Illustrated Sydney News 10 December 1853 p75)

Raymond Terrace is situated about 12 miles from Maitland. There is no doubt that it will ultimately become a very important and thriving part part of the colony. It will be on the new road to New England, by way of Port Stephens, which route will be a saving in distance of sixty miles. The value of land and houses in the neighbourhood has increased to a very great extent. The scenery on the banks of the Hunter is very beautiful,and is only marred by the large number of dead trees, which have been killed for the convenience of clearing the ground. We shall from time to time, give illustrations of views on this truly picturesque river.

Raymond Terrace Hunter's River (Illustrated Sydney News 10 December 1853 p75)

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