This Wondrous Land: Colonial Art on Paper

Our traveling correspondent, Ann Hardy, recently sent us information and a link to the Wondrous Land Exhibition currently on display at the National Gallery of Victoria.

It is a fabulous exhibition that includes the work of a number of key artists that worked and lived in Newcastle. The Exhibition inlcudes drawings and engravings of Newcastle by Lycett, Wallis  and Preston. The other half of the exhibition is opening this month at the Ian Potter Gallery (in Federation Square), with a forthcoming book as well. It is worth seeing if you get a chance to visit Melbourne.

Exhibition runs from Friday 29 April 2011 to Sunday 25 September 2011

Please find below an image of the Aboriginal Burigon (also known as Long Jack) and the caption which states that ‘his killer was the first man tried, convicted and executed under British Law for the murder of an Indiginous person’.

Burigon (Long Jack) by Richard Browne c.1819


Burigon - Caption Text

Burigon was also the chief of the Newcastle Tribe that is immortalised by Walter Preston in this hand coloured copper engraving ‘Corroboree, or dance of the natives of New South Wales, New Holland. 1820.’ (click here to look for him at the lower left of the painting smiling).

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