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British Pathe
British Pathe

Fish Feeder (aka Fish Charmer) (1939)

Description: Part of issue ONE FOR THE ROAD. Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Issue Date: 04/05/1939. Various shots of disabled man on crutches, Mr. Laskey, being helped into sea from pier. Mr. Laskey holds a loaf of bread beneath the water, soon a shoal of small fish surround him, nibbling at the bread.

Soap Box Derby. Merewether, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. (1941)

Description: Title reads: “Soap Box Derby”. High angle shots of soap box cars (like go-carts) being pushed or towed to the starting line on a hill. Various shots of the boys racing down the hill in their soap boxes, one of them crashes into the crowd. C/U of winner, Jimmy Ireland. He sits in his cars and gets patted on the back by his friends.

Floods in Australia

Link to a number of British Pathe films recording floods across Australia, with many from the Hunter Region.


Talking Dog (1953) Maitland NSW.

Description: Good C.U. studies of various types of dogs. Mr. and Mrs. C A Brown with their talking dog Nicky, the dog performing tricks and the dog trying to repeat “Hello Mum” and “Here I am”.


Prehistoric Monster (1963) North Gosford, New South Wales.

Description: North Gosford, New South Wales, Australia.  Various shots of erection of a large concrete dinosaur in Reptile Park in New South Wales. Various shots of a man who conceived idea of building the dinosaur, Mr Kenneth Mayfield, working on huge statue.  (Comb.F.G.) Date found in the old record – 26/03/1963.

Speedboats Race at Sydney (1965)

Description: Title reads ‘Annual Motor Boat Classic’. Various shots of annual speedboat race from Sydney to Newcastle and back. The speedboats tear through the choppy seas and the winners complete the course in 4 hours and 4 minutes. Boats racing and the people watching the race from the shore, some using binoculars. The winners wave from their boat. They are presented with winning prize and are kissed by attractive girl. (Comb. F.G.) Date found in the old record – 17/10/1965.

Tankers Order for Australia (1965)

Description: Title reads ‘$1.2 Million Oil Tanker’. Various shots of the work starting on the first of 12 tankers that are to be built in the Newcastle State Dockyard for Australia. Various shots of the welding and keel being laid. Various shots of the Shipping Minister Freeth inspecting the job.  (Comb. F.G.)
Date found in the old record – 30/08/1965.

“New BP Tanker”. Newcastle, Australia. (1967)

GV Pan over dockyard at Newcastle showing the new British Petroleum tanker ‘Endeavour’. Various shots from the tanker as she is towed out to under-go her final sea trails. Various shots of experts on board the new tanker putting the ship and her instruments through their paces. Aerial view flying over the new nineteen thousand ton tanker ‘BP Endeavour’.  (Comb. F.G.) Old record suggests that material dates from around 17/09/1967.

‘Biggest Tanker Yet Launched at Newcastle”. Newcastle, Australia. (1967)

Tanker ship BP Endeavour standing on the stocks at State Dockyard, Newcastle. Largest ship ever built on Australia’s East Coast. MS man knocking chocks away. MS BP Chairman’s wife Mrs Seddon launches tanker and it slips down to water. General view from rear of tanker as it slips down slipway. LS ship in water.



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