Newcastle and related newsreels from British Pathe

British Pathe
British Pathe

Fish Feeder (aka Fish Charmer) (1939)

Description: Part of issue ONE FOR THE ROAD. Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Issue Date: 04/05/1939. Various shots of disabled man on crutches, Mr. Laskey, being helped into sea from pier. Mr. Laskey holds a loaf of bread beneath the water, soon a shoal of small fish surround him, nibbling at the bread.

Soap Box Derby. Merewether, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. (1941)

Description: Title reads: “Soap Box Derby”. High angle shots of soap box cars (like go-carts) being pushed or towed to the starting line on a hill. Various shots of the boys racing down the hill in their soap boxes, one of them crashes into the crowd. C/U of winner, Jimmy Ireland. He sits in his cars and gets patted on the back by his friends.

Flood Disaster in New South Wales (1949)

Description: Map of coastal area of New South Wales, showing the towns Newcastle and Sydney and flooded area shaded in. MS Street scene with pedestrians and tramcar with rain sheeting down MS people holding umbrellas hurrying to shelter in down pour. LMS man sheltering under tree in pouring rain. MS car and lorry ploughing through flooded street. Van ploughing through flooded street. Elevated flooded area. Man carrying piece of furniture on shoulders as he wades through flood. Families standing in and around tent to which they have evacuated, which is now flooded out as well. Dilapidated tent on higher dry ground. Pan up from dog to woman and boy standing in entrance to tent. Elevated coastline. Rough sea lashing against rocks. Huge breaker hurling shorewards. Pelting rain. Torrent of water racing along. Torrent cascading over Waragamba dam. Water pouring out from dam over countryside. & MS Elevated dam. Two people on bank watching water rush over the Waragamba dam into a seething cauldron below. Mass of seething water. Two people watching it. Flooded area. Wreckage floating along on water. GV flooded area. Water rushing past submerged house. A sand and gravel plant under water. A damaged dredger. Two horses marooned on tiny island. Dead animal caught in barbed wire in flood. Half submerged drowned animal. A marooned sheep. A submerged farm building. Pan up building to two roosters perched on roof. Half-submerged house. Man standing on roof of house, which is nearly covered with water. He climbs into rescue boat. Rowing boat coming towards group of people. Group of men. One being carried pick-a-back fashion by another. Two men carrying piece of furniture. Group of men taking personal belongings to safety. Rowing boats drawing up to building. One of the rowers handing round drinks to waiting people. Pan from space where a culvert was swept away by torrent to spot where car crossing it was carried to. The car. Elevated shot of one of the higher roads which is still usable. Car ploughing through water. Lorry towing three cars that stalled. Travel shot over flooded area. Elevated people working on engine of stalled car. Two men wading up to their thighs in front garden of house. Aerial shots of the Hunter Valley and the town of Maitland completely inundated (6 shots) Flooded street. The roof of a van just showing above water. Elevated flood railway station and train. Pan from signal to train nearly covered by water. Notice written in chalk – ‘no admittance to station’. Engines and coal trucks almost submerged. Amphibious duck on rescue work driving along street. People standing on roof of hotel porch. People caught by the sudden rise of water huddling in doorway. Three small boys paddling rubber dinghy. People leaning out of first floor window holding rope that runs to boat below. Two men outside doorway of pub. Man swimming and delivering bottle of beer to another. Cat trapped on top of table. Pan along roof of building showing roosters. Police in amphibious vehicle. Maitland gasworks. Policeman in amphibious vehicle giving instructions. Boy climbing up ladder to balcony. People being loaded onto amphibious vehicle. A loaded rowing boat. People in rowing boat. Elderly person being helped down ladder into boat. Elderly woman being helped into boat. Head shot of a rescue worker. Rescued people crowded in entrance of Town Hall to they were evacuated. Rescue worker lifting children into boat (2 shots), loaded amphibious vehicle going along street. People being landed on dry land. Pan along three mothers feeding babies in the police station. Mother feeding baby from bottle. Mother feeding young boy with food. Sleeping man with pet cockatoo perched on his shoulder. Amphibious vehicle going along. Pan down from people to amphibious vehicle being loaded with loaves of bread to be sent to the distressed areas. Flooded areas. Dakota aircraft flying in supplies pan down to flooded area. Aerial view flooded area. Plane flying over pan down to men in rowing boat waving to it. Crew of plane pushing food out of plane. Ground seen through door of plane. Food being pushed out of plane. Crowd of children running up to food dropped onto dry ground. Crew inside plane after unloading all the food. flooded street with amphibious vehicle. Sick women being carried into rescue craft. A man being helped aboard boat. People crowded in boat. Various shots of people who have been rescued (4 shots). GV flood with house in centre submerged up to roof.

Australian Flood Wrecks Town (1950)

Description: Full title reads: “Australian Flood Wrecks Towns”. New South Wales, Australia. The plain of the Hunter River is flooded when heavy rains continue. GV Travel shot from back of boat of Flooded main street of Maitland. SV Travel shot from boat of flooded shops. SV People being rowed to safety in boat. GV Flooded terrain pan SV Wrecked house. SV People pointing. GV Elevated pan flooded country. SV Towards ambulance man carrying a week old baby towards ambulance. SV Man standing outside ambulance talking to women. LV Army DUKW amphibious vehicle discharging food. SV Man carrying meat from DUKW. SV Man handing down package of food. CU Pool of water pan to GV SV Car covered with silt. CU old man. CU Headless doll lying on mud. SV Woman looking at family bible on ground. CU Woman opening bible. CU Bible. SV Wrecked house.

Flood Havoc in New South Wales (1950)

Description: Full title reads: “Flood Havoc In New South Wales”. New South Wales, Australia.  GV Flooded Hunter river. GV Pan flooded area. MV House surrounded by water. SV Pan house surrounded by water. SV submerged fences pan to house. SV Towards car running axle-deep in water. SV Man holding car door open down to water running away from car.  MV Towards train ploughing along flooded tracks. SV Railway official waving flag. GV Pan flooded Maitland station. SV Signals pan down to stranded train in flooded station.  GV Aerial flooded area. SV Reflections in water pan to people on balcony. CU Rescuer. SV Rescuers helping woman over balcony of house into boat. SV Old woman being assisted into boat. MV Man and woman standing outside house knee-deep in water. SV Towards lorry being towed carrying lifeboat and food. MV Wrecked houses. CU Pan wreckage of house.  SV DUKW amphibious vehicle with men distributing food from it. SV Man arranging loaves in DUKW pan down to bread. SV Man and woman holding children looking on. GV Aerial view flooded fields.

Talking Dog (1953) Maitland NSW.

Description: Good C.U. studies of various types of dogs. Mr. and Mrs. C A Brown with their talking dog Nicky, the dog performing tricks and the dog trying to repeat “Hello Mum” and “Here I am”.

Australia’s Flood Havoc (1955) Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

Description:  Air view, flooded countryside & towns. Nearer shot, air view, flooded countryside and towns. LV. Army Duck going through flooded street. LV. Flooded service station in Maitland. SV. Flood waters swirling past petrol pumps. GV. Swirling water past house, & CU. LV. Railway siding with swirling waters, past signal box. LV. Swirling waters past signal box. SV. Pan, swirling waters past sidings. LV. Pan, Maitland bridge with flood waters nearly to the top. LV. Houses submerged up to eaves, & SV. LV. Plane flying over the flooded Hunter valley. SV. Supplies being pushed from plane. SV. Supplies dropping in street. SV. Supplies dropping in street. People rushing forward to collect supplies. SV. Troops loading supplies onto trucks. LV. Man waiting to be rescued in partly submerged house. SV. Bread being thrown to marooned people from launch in main street. SV. Wrecked house with hand cart on roof. SCU. A cow swimming in flooded water. SV. Children being lifted onto truck by soldiers. SV. Pan, people swimming down main road. Air view of flooded town.

Selected Offcuts from Australia’s Flood Havoc (1955) Silent.

Description: Selected originals (offcuts, selected scenes, out-takes, rushes) for story “Australia’s Flood Havoc” – 55/20. Some different material from Newsreel Story. SV. Boats on flood water. LV. Sea plane taxiing off flood water. GV. Flooded area taken from boat (several scenes). Rescuers on boats (several scenes). GV. Flooded area from boat (several scenes). SCV. Rescuers on boat. GV. Flooded area (several scenes). GV. Flooded town, cinemas, shops hotels, etc., flood water up to first story (several scenes). GV. Dry part of Maitland, shops etc. GV. From boat of flooded area (several scenes). Air view, flooded area.

Prehistoric Monster (1963) North Gosford, New South Wales.

Description: North Gosford, New South Wales, Australia.  Various shots of erection of a large concrete dinosaur in Reptile Park in New South Wales. Various shots of a man who conceived idea of building the dinosaur, Mr Kenneth Mayfield, working on huge statue.  (Comb.F.G.) Date found in the old record – 26/03/1963.

Speedboats Race at Sydney (1965)

Description: Title reads ‘Annual Motor Boat Classic’. Various shots of annual speedboat race from Sydney to Newcastle and back. The speedboats tear through the choppy seas and the winners complete the course in 4 hours and 4 minutes. Boats racing and the people watching the race from the shore, some using binoculars. The winners wave from their boat. They are presented with winning prize and are kissed by attractive girl. (Comb. F.G.) Date found in the old record – 17/10/1965.

Tankers Order for Australia (1965)

Description: Title reads ‘$1.2 Million Oil Tanker’. Various shots of the work starting on the first of 12 tankers that are to be built in the Newcastle State Dockyard for Australia. Various shots of the welding and keel being laid. Various shots of the Shipping Minister Freeth inspecting the job.  (Comb. F.G.)
Date found in the old record – 30/08/1965.

“Tanker On Sea Trials”. Newcastle, Australia. (1967)

GV Pan over dockyard at Newcastle showing the new British Petroleum tanker ‘Endeavour’. Various shots from the tanker as she is towed out to under-go her final sea trails. Various shots of experts on board the new tanker putting the ship and her instruments through their paces. Aerial view flying over the new nineteen thousand ton tanker ‘BP Endeavour’.  (Comb. F.G.) Old record suggests that material dates from around 17/09/1967.


Tanker ship BP Endeavour standing on the stocks at State Dockyard, Newcastle. Largest ship ever built on Australia’s East Coast. MS man knocking chocks away. MS BP Chairman’s wife Mrs Seddon launches tanker and it slips down to water. General view from rear of tanker as it slips down slipway. LS ship in water.

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