Experiments in Coal River 3D

Here are some links to the 3D experiments provided by Standford University in the United States. They have an algorithm that can create 3d imagery from a 2d photograph. I sent them a number of early paintings of Nobbys and the Coal River Heritage Precinct.

If you are viewing these images through Internet Explorer, you will see an animation, with a note above relating to downloading with Shockwave or Cortona VRML client. You can download either, but I reckon the Cortona client is fantastic and only 1.48 MB in size, so download that one and you can see what amazing stuff they are up to here. You can also upload your own images that they will 3d-ify for you.

Click on the image and move your arrow buttons to see what I mean. If you click on the flash movie you will get a short animation. (All Links are now dead)

Site moved to http://make3d.cs.cornell.edu/

Aborigines resting by camp fire, near the mouth of the Hunter River, Newcastle, N.S.W. c.1817
(Courtesy of National Library of Australia):

Lewin’s Nobby Island 1807
(Courtesy of Newcastle Regional Art Gallery):

Sophia Campbell painting of Nobbys circa 1820
(Courtesy of National Library of Australia):

Sophia Campbell view from Nobbys Island circa 1816?
(Courtesy of National Library of Australia):

Nobbys from Mulubinba Cottage circa 1830s
(Courtesy of Newcastle Region Library):

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