Another Version of Barrallier Survey Plan 1801 Uncovered

Francis Barrallier – Coal Harbour and Rivers ..1801 (Courtesy of Hydrographic Office Taunton UK)

Another version of the Barrallier Survey plan completed in June July 1801 has been uncovered in England and uploaded to the University of Newcastle’s Coal River Website.

This plan, located at the United Kingdom’s Hydrographic Office in Taunton [Shelf Location: 435 Press 45B ] is identical with the National Archives plan except for the detailed portion at the left hand side of the Survey.

The National Archives’ version of the full Barrallier Survey plan contains a detail view of the Harbour Entrance showing Nobbys (Coal Island) Fort Scratchley (Collier Point), Stockton (Pirate Point) and Newcastle Harbour (Coal Harbour).

The Hydrographic Office’s version shows detail of the Hunter islands and Fullerton Cove. It was originally located in the Hydrographic Office by Mr Andy Macqueen for his 1993 book  ‘Blue Mountains to Bridgetown: The Life and Journeys of  Barrallier 1773-1853’. 

We also thank Mr Guy Hannaford, Archives Research Manager at the Hydrographic Office for his help in locating this important plan, and its preparatory conservation work undertaken prior to its digitisation. It is greatly appreciated.

Researchers can download a full copy of this plan from the following link:

1801, June-July. Ensign Francis Louis Barrallier. ‘Coal Harbour and Rivers, On the Coast of New South Wales’. (2.36MB).

One thought on “Another Version of Barrallier Survey Plan 1801 Uncovered

  1. Hi
    The matter of Barrallier’s map in Hydrographic Office has been drawn to my attention. At the risk of appearing immodest, I should point out that I found this map myself some years ago, obtained a full size print, and with the HO’s permission published it on page 56 of my 1993 book ‘The Life and Journeys of Barrallier’, along with an interpretation of the map and the 1801 survey journey. Due to limitations of the A5 format, the reproduction is of course greatly reduced and a small strip on the left side is omitted. The map is referenced at the back of the book.
    Incidentally, I think the supposed version of the map clickable at ‘Recent News’ at appears to be not the HO map but the National Archives version.
    Anyway, I do not wish to be negative – keep up the good work people. As a descendent of Rev George Augustus Middleton, I have a strong connection the area myself.
    Regards Andy Macqueen

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