Condition of the Aborigines (1846)

The is the full transcription of N.S.W. Legislative Council Committee – Select Committee on the Condition of the Aborigines. Thank you to volunteer Mr Peter Trenbath who transcribed the complete document. DOWNLOAD TRANSCRIPTION (PDF FILE) 1846 New South Wales. Aborigines. Replies to a Circular Letter, addressed to the Clergy, of all Denominations, By Order of … More Condition of the Aborigines (1846)

Cooks Hill in 1865

The coloured engraving above is a view taken from the hill overlooking Darby Street in the current suburb of Cooks Hill, Newcastle. Features include: St John’s Anglican Church, (between Darby Street and Dawson Street), directly behind is a train on the Newcastle Coal Company’s Railway, (running along Bruce Street and curving towards Dawson Street), a … More Cooks Hill in 1865