Vera Deacon Fund

The Vera Deacon Regional History Fund is our employment fund established in 2008 in honour of the generosity of Mrs Vera Deacon.

Since 2008, close to a hundred donors have joined Vera, in donating to the Fund, and have provided paid employment to our student and community volunteers, who come in every week to work on our Hunter Region’s Cultural Heritage projects digitising, researching and sharing knowledge about our history with the wider global community.

Our aim is to have a billion dollars in the Fund, so that we can provide full time employment and training to all our young people, especially those interested in careers in cultural heritage across the GLAM (i.e., Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) sector. Please support our work.


More information, including current projects, can be found here:

Vera Deacon Regional History Fund – Office of Alumni and Philanthropy website.