Coal River Working Party on location in 2009, in search of two carved trees from Barrallier's 1801 expedition up the Hunter Valley
Coal River Working Party on location in 2009, in search of two carved trees from Barrallier’s 1801 expedition up the Hunter Valley

The University of Newcastle’s Coal River Working Party/Hunter (Living) Histories Initiative are currently seeking interns from a range of disciplines across the University (and beyond) to assist us in our operations and ongoing historical research endeavours, and in return provide real world experience and training.

We need IT, design and visual communications students to help with our logo design, newsletters, media releases, and transforming our extensive blog post content into a series of ebooks. e.g., see our Macquarie Pier Commemorative Booklet

We need social media communication expertise to assist with our facebook, twitter and establish other platforms that we don’t know we need yet.

We need interns with video and audio expertise to assist with creating podcasts, documenting archaeological site visits, meetings, presentations, and preparing oral histories.

Our 3D Time Machine Virtual Hunter Project needs interns with architectural, natural history illustration, 3D gaming, design, rendering, visualisation, animation skills etc. Since 2016, the gamification of the Charles 3D terrain model has begun with Tim Davidson and the team from Virtual Perspective see:

We need history student interns to assist with transcriptions of historical texts and analysis of archival primary sources, as well as assist other interns in cross disciplinary collaborations.

We are also very interested in establishing an Aboriginal Sites Documentation Team with Aboriginal students, elders, staff, working with students, under the guidance of professionals, in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, visual arts, conservation, photography, natural history illustration, surveying, 3D site digitisation in order to document local Aboriginal rock art and engraving sites. See the presentations from the Past Matters Workshop

We need creative and dramatic arts student interns to bring these stories to the wider community in a variety of events.

If you think you can help in any way, and would be interested in coming aboard as an intern please contact Dr Ann Hardy on (02) 49215824 or or Gionni Di Gravio on (02)49215819 to discuss becoming involved.

A listing of the current projects of the Hunter (Living) Histories Initiative are:

  • 3D Virtual Hunter Project  – see the work of Charles Martin
  • Aboriginal Sites Documentation Team – Past Matters Workshops – Callaghan & Ourimbah
  • ADFAS – School of Arts/Mechanics Institutes Project – see latest news here
  • Advocacy – Newcastle Post Office, King Edward Park
  • Architectural Histories, Student Support & Design Innovation Archive (DIA)
  • Birdwood Flag Restoration Project see the launch page here
  • Coal River Working Party
  • Drama & Creative Arts Performance  – see Where the Coal Meets the Sea (2008)
  • ePress Books
  • GLAM Peak Australia – accessible digital cultural heritage on a national level latest meeting summary here
  • Global Newcastle Project
  • Histories of Hunter Women Project
  • Hunter Heritage Network
  • Mapping Google Maps & Google Earth
  • National Trust Hunter Region
  • NEWYhistory App (formerly Newcastle WOW)
  • Oral & AV Histories Project see our UONCC Soundcloud
  • Radical Newcastle – see website
  • Wine Industry Hunter Valley History

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